Ovenbaked dogfood

Ovenbaked dogfood is made with only the finest high quality ingredients. It is a 100% complete food and is provided with all the necessary proteins, vitamins and minerals. The added salmon oil contributes to a healthy skin, shiny coat and strong bones.


In addition, this food contains healthy herbs and superfoods that give this food its delicious taste.


Because our food is baked in the oven, it is easy to digest and contains more fresh meat than regular dog food. The flavors and smell are better preserved,

making oven-baked food ideal for picky eaters.

The crunchy texture of our oven-baked food also helps meet your dog's natural chewing needs. It does not contain any additional colors, flavors or preservatives.


So all the benefits of oven-baked food make it ideal for older dogs, picky eaters or dogs with sensitive teeth who can benefit greatly from these crunchy kibble as they are easier to chew.

Due to its easy digestibility, this food fits perfectly within an adapted diet for your sensitive dog.

Premium Dogsnacks

Besides dogfood we have a large collection of Suus and Keet premium dog snacks in our range, these snacks vary from puppy trainers to Beef lungs and more.  Our premium snack line has been carefully composed and includes 100% natural products and other ideal reward snacks for your furry friend

salmonoil and sheepfat

The Suus en Keet collection of salmon oil and

sheep fat contains 4 different supplements that you can add to your dog his food. these products not only provide extra flavor but are also a good support for skin and coat health, heart function, immune system and joints.

Salmon oil with the essential omega-3 and 6 fatty acids and the sheep fat with vitamins E and F are a healthy addition to your dog's food.



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